Leaders in Cooking Oil Filtration

Cooking oil filtration is the business in which PuraFilters™ specialises. The PuraFilters™ team brings decades of technical knowledge and know-how to the task of engineering and manufacturing the company’s range of cooking oil filter machines and fat filter machines.


Our cooking oil filtration specialists all had lifetime careers in the Cooking Oil Filtration Division of Ernest A. Bitterling, which was the undisputed market leader in mobile cooking oil filtration until Bitterling finally closed its doors in 2007. All this skill and knowledge is now dedicated to the development and manufacture of the PuraFilters™ range of cooking oil filtration machines. PuraFilters™ offers a range of tried and tested cooking oil filter machines that is constantly updated to keep abreast of the latest developments in cooking oil filtration technology.


PuraFilters™ manufactures its cooking oil filter machines in its factory in Nottingham. The machines are built in stainless steel throughout and designed for safety and reliability. The cooking oil filter machines are built with the customer in mind, are compact for easy storage and fully mobile for ease of movement around the customer’s premises.


We are pleased to discuss with customers their specific requirements for customising machines. For example, we have added an extra handle to a machine delivered recently to help staff lift a machine onto different levels in a split level shop. Our cooking oil filter machines are available with a choice of hose lengths to make filtering easy whatever distance between the cooking oil filter machine and the frying range.


PuraFilters™ always has cooking oil filter machines in stock and delivers by overnight carrier so no time need be lost waiting for delivery once and order is confirmed. The same applies to cooking oil filter papers and spare parts. A full stock of parts and filter papers is held in the company’s modern, fully equipped warehouse.


Cooking oil filtration on a daily basis will save you time and money in your business and enhance the taste, appearance and quality of the food you produce.




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